Designing the GODDESS Within Retreat

Designing the GODDESS Within Retreat

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August 09-11, 2024

This retreat is open to all women and men who are ready to meet their inner GODDESS and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

During the retreat, you will have the opportunity to participate in a series of experiential activities that will help you connect with your DIVINE FEMININE energy and create your own personal myth around your unique goddess. Our activities include:

  • Create ART: This activity will give you the opportunity to express yourself creatively and explore different aspects of your goddess archetype. We will use the medium of watercolor, gouache and ink to create a piece of art that represents the goddess within you.

  • Share a TEMAZCAL sweat lodge together: This activity involves entering a small, enclosed space and sweating out toxins while connecting with the earth and the elements. It’s a powerful way to purify your body and mind and connect with your inner self. You may choose to participate in the sweat by remaining outside the TEMAZCAL. 

  • Create a SPIRIT DOLL: This activity involves creating a doll that represents your inner goddess. You can use different materials such as fabric, beads, or feathers to create a unique and personalized doll that embodies your personal goddess qualities.

  • Discover the GIFTS within each of us through the eyes of one another: This activity involves sharing your gifts and talents with others and receiving feedback on how they perceive you. It’s a powerful way to recognize your strengths and build confidence in yourself.

  • Utilize creative writing to BIRTH our goddess MYTH: This activity involves using creative writing prompts to explore different aspects of your goddess archetype and create a personal myth around her. You can use this myth as a source of inspiration and guidance in your daily life.

  • PAJAMA PARTY: This activity is all about having fun and connecting with others in a relaxed and comfortable setting. You can wear your favorite pajamas, enjoy some snacks, and engage in light-hearted conversation with other participants to integrate the experiences throughout the retreat.

  • Create an archetype SOUL COLLAGE card: This activity involves creating a collage that represents your inner self and your unique goddess qualities. You can use different images, colors, and textures to create a personalized card that reflects your unique gifts.

  • Share a SACRED CACAO ceremony to open the heart: This activity involves drinking cacao, which is believed to have heart-opening properties, in a sacred ceremony. It’s a powerful way to connect with yourself and others on a deeper level.

  • Co-create a GODDESS initiation ritual: This activity involves creating a ritual inside a 36’ HEARTSPACE Labyrinth that celebrates your inner goddess and marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life. You can work together with other participants to create a meaningful and transformative experience.

Our retreat is designed to be a safe, supportive, and nurturing space for you to explore your inner world and connect with your divine feminine energy. We welcome all women and men who are ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Arrival is at 5:00pm on Friday, 1.5.23

Retreat ends at Noon on Sunday, 1.7.23

Indoor accommodations available with limited availability. You may also set up a tent. The land at Ascension Stone Circle awaits your arrival and will hold you gently. 

The fee for this retreat is on a sliding scale $222-$444. if you wish to pay more than $222 please contact Serafine at

Scholarships are available. Please send you letter of intent to: