Serafine Borealis (she/her) has been practicing nature-based spirituality since 1987 with her first initiation to Wicca in 2007. As a High Priestess, Witch, Coven Facilitator and Clan Head of five covens in the Black Forest Tradition of Wicca, she‘s a lifelong Seeker with a passion for creative expression as a ritualist, artist, tarot reader, and beekeeper. She voraciously studies runes, astrology, shamanism and Qabala. Her Wiccan journey began in the German Alps, where she lived and worked for five years as she studied wine and magick. 

At ASCENSION STONE CIRCLE Serafine Borealis creates ultra premium altar supplies with herbs from her garden, stones from her land and honey from her apiary.  Each ASCENSION STONE is lovingly harvested and painted as well. She leads Sacred Cacao Ceremony and Temezcals as well as Sabbats and Esbat rituals throughout the year.

Serafine lives with her husband, two dogs, four beehives and four cats on sacred land inside the Sabinal Canyon located in the Texas Hill Country. You can often find her walking through and meditating inside a 38’ stone Santa Rosa Labyrinth (aka the Heartspace Labyrinth) that was built with her family during the 2020 shutdown. 

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